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Why Leadsbrew

Outreach is 2x more effective if you have warm information, rather than just cold data. With Leadsbrew, you'll have instant access to the most relevant, real-time company information in your Hubspot CRM.Leadsbrew enriches your prospects with highly relevant signals such as funding, new product launches, acquisition, partnerships, and more. When you combine your HubSpot CRM data with Leadsbrew, your reps are armed with strategic information about your customers and what's going on in your accounts. Remember, the easiest way to close a deal is to offer it to the right prospect at the right time.


Spot undiscovered opportunities from company news sections and social media activities. You don't have to consume them all; we curate the best ones for you.

New product/service launches

By rolling out a new product or service, a company is venturing into uncharted territory. And uncharted territory calls for different types of support -- and potentially new vendors.

Expansion and Partnerships

Expansion usually happens as the result of rapid growth and with the aim of better access to the talent pool, customers, etc. More opportunities to sell your product!

Major Customer Announcements

If your prospect has just landed a significant account, it'll be a good time to help them attract other big fishes and to make effective use of money coming in.


Recognition within an organization's industry or niche feels great. Reach out while they're riding a high and inform them of how you can help them continue to top their competition or even put more distance behind them.


More signals/sources added regularly!

How it works

Track relevant company changes and create tasks and deals automatically

Account based sales intelligence

Are you looking to impress prospects, understand their journey, and increase your conversion rate? Leadsbrew helps you with meaningful company insights that are worth mentioning to m target accounts. Speed up the research process for outreach.Find news about prospects in one place instead of searching the Internet for hours.

Easy to use

Connect your HubSpot and social accounts and leave the rest to us. Leadsbrew sends insights directly to your deals, so you can find information faster and keep tabs on accounts that you're in a current sales cycle with.

Real-time updates

Leadsbrew's signals give you up-to-date information to stay on top of your prospects. Track them in one place instead of searching the Internet for hours.

Native integration

No need to go to different places to get insights. Enrich accounts without leaving Hubspot


Salespeople/Marketers/Founders targeting companies with an online presence.A new outbound hire to a fully inbound marketing team is an opportunity. A tech change could trigger prospects to adopt a new product or look for resources to effectively make use of it. A new event announcement can instigate vendor opportunities. Monitor and act on these signals before your competition does.


Static data providers only provide one-time data. They fail to track the constant changes and opportunities in these fast-growing companies.
We help you save tons of hours that you'd otherwise spend on multiple tools to get the various data points you need for personalized outreach.

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